SPAM = Somebody’s Patience Almost Murdered

19th April, 11.55 pm

Today, as a TP…I was rolling over spam folder of my Gmail account. And as just matter of interest just goggled to know about SPAM, got interested lines that how it was invented; it was said that

Some say that Sergey Brin wanted this folder in Gmail to be named “MAPS” but when he called up Larry Page and asked him to take it down, lest it is forgotten…Larry the Lazy wrote it on his chest with a marker. The next day, he had to excuse himself from the meeting, and visit the men’s loo to find out the folder name as suggested by his partner. Thus was born, “SPAM”.

Today, 90 billion SPAM mails are sent across to people like you and me, per day. While we are on the subject…can you guess who gets the maximum number of SPAM each year? Yes, you got it right…it is Bill Gates!

I decided to read spam mails and found interesting few……Have given below some interesting subject lines of the mails I found in my SPAM folder.


  • Be the healthiest person in your city with our meddds

Who will tell them after joining 3 times gym to reach somewhere near to healthiest, every time I fell ill.

·         Do you know who is sending SMS to your girlfriend?

Duffer…most of boys has to handle their girlfriend mobile in their pocket during outing…why do he needs to verify the account details???

·         Be the sexual monster she wants I wish I could…

Well…..everyday…we receive hundreds of spam mails…..few are interesting and few are bullish.

At least today I spend 30 min to explore about SPAM and to draft this………Finally I was thinking some stupid name to SPAM ….I get this one…. Somebody’s Patience Almost Murdered

What to you think???


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