Murphy law…… A Journey to Delhi 20th Jan’09

Murphy law does apply to most of the life situation. When something has to go wrong, it will. When you thought everything was under control, the last moment seems like a lot has to be done. Even though I had planned everything few days before and arranged all the necessary documents, the last moments were hectic. I had planned to visit Delhi on 15th Jan’09 and made necessary arrangements for tickets, official meeting co ordination and all.

I rushed to Nagpur railway station exactly half an hour before the train departure to Delhi. To my surprise, announcement was made that “Golkonda express is being delayed by 3 hrs”. Next moment I got a call from my vendor saying that official meeting which was scheduled next day is likely to be cancelled. Now the question mark “weather to go Delhi or not become bold and more uncertain. Some of the events, things and memories take a few lines to describe but some take words and words running into pages to describe.

I was already tense as all the planned activities for personnel agenda were went into doom. I was feeling so heavy …. Brain was just twisting ….Killing next 3-4 hours was become obnoxious task now…I was just went on calling friends ….I don’t imagine how much my mobile bill will shoot up for this month..!!! I had just Rs. 300 in my pocket. A thought emerged in my mind….there would be the Vidharbha Exp in next 2 hrs…what if I cancel this ticket and book new ticket for Mumbai in Vidharbha Exp ….I just checked out SBI ATM located in railway station ….oye ICICI Debit card was not responding …..I did not had enough money to book new ticket ….Now canceling this Delhi ticket and to get new confirm ticket for Mumbai was uncertain….Major dilemma…I decided to leave it on time…..I called up one of my buddy in Nagpur and asked himDost station aa sakata hain kya??? …bahot boar ho raha hoo…train late hain”…..when things are not in your will…..nothing can happen in your favor…..I had waited for him 3 hours ….but he didn’t come…Mean time train delay time was piled up to 6 hrs…. Thankfully and fortunately, it did not turn out to be that bad but not before I had spent some sleepless moments, finally train arrived after 7 hrs delay.

I boarded the train and got relaxed in 2 Tier coach. My mobile battery was already running into critical mode…, I just wanted to throw myself in the bed…whole day was complete hectic… I put on mobile battery charger into the socket ….thanks to A/C coach…and plugged in mobile music. First 5 minute I could not realize that mobile was not getting charge and I was consuming whatever balance battery in the music. I tried to adjust charger in the socket but it didn’t work out. baju wale coach me try karake dekh lo my fellow commuter suggested me. I just rushed to adjacent coach and hooked up my charger into socket and checked weather it was being getting charge or not. But my bad luck, it didn’t work out there even. The uncle sitting to the next coach castled a glance at me like “pata nahi kaha kaha se chale aate hain A/C coach me I could infer out his thought but could not sollow in his attitude. I reciprocated in very soft manner “uncle sorry to disturb you, good night sir”

I concluded this Sony Erricson charger doed not work on 110 V input. It could be critical if battery dry down as all the communication would have hampered badly after reaching to Delhi. I jotted down all the necessary contact numbers on the note pad. I cursed my memory so madly for not reminding mobile nos. Then it would be best to keep them on paper rather than trusting your memory.

Next day I reached Delhi in the afternoon. It was cold in Delhi but the people were warm. I would have never thought of spending days in Delhi. Destiny lets you meet people you would have hardly thought of meeting. A week before in Kuwait, I did not think that I would be in Delhi. Relationships are formed much stronger than blood relationship. I spent 5 days with Prady, Nitin and got relaxed my all the tensions.

One thing I admired and liked in Delhi are the Delhi girls in winter, something that Mumbai will never have. I have seen girls wearing sweater and jackets in Mumbai too. But the way Delhi girls wear them appears graceful and beautiful. The way a sweater is worn over the salwar kameez with a dupatta over the sweater, or how elegantly a shawl is draped by them or how the shawl is draped over a western outfit or a top and a jeans, it’s just beautiful to look at. The sun was there but still it was cold. In this climate I found girls standing on the bus stop, on the streets, shopping wearing their traditional salwar kameez with a sweater, or a shawl and I must agree that it was a treat to watch them. I know it is wrong to ogle at girls but I guess I meant no harm just watching them. No harm or offence intended. I agree … both Delhi and Mumbai are different & wonderful in their own ways. And talking about cities that do not sleep … Mumbai is the city that does not sleep -)… !!! I found Delhi a lot similar like Mumbai in terms of looks. In fact debating on whether Mumbai or Delhi is better, I think both the cities are on the edge in terms of infrastructure. The charm is different for both cities and cannot be compared to each other. And yes! Delhi does goes to sleep early!

The Delhi trip was small but eventful. I did squeeze lot of things in those five days. I had lots of fun with buddies in Agra tour. Now sitting in the Rajdhani Exp (20th Jan’09; 7.30pm) going back to Mumbai; thinking that the next few days would be spent in office without any break and then new projects. The start to the New Year has been good and then looking forward to a good year ahead.


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