Another Year ends

Another year ends and another chapter comes to an end. Although it sounds dramatic, I have never found the New Year’s Eve a big event. It’s just another day and tomorrow will be another date. It may be because this year I don’t have anything to do special on New Year’s Eve. Sitting in the Kuwait so far from all the friends …Out of Mumbai…

The one time I remember having a New Year party was sometimes in 2002-03 and it was just 5-6 of our close college friends sitting in a cold night in the bar near by college hostel where everyone had enjoyed his full of life and hooked to fullest of memory. How could one forget those days…!!!


When I look back to this year, it’s been a mixed bag. Life has its ups and downs and it has been more evident this year when it plummeted from a high to a new low. The year started on a bad note of news of visiting Saudi Arabia. I was on a low at the start of the year where everything seem to be out of  my favor but things don’t go the way we want them to and as luck would have it, everything went for a toss. By mid-year, things had gone completely haywire and it was a big mess but I did survive, not happy but survived.


I do remember the 1st day of 2008, where I was completely mess up with the new assignments and last night hangover. It was the harbinger of bad year ahead of me.  I had to come to Saudi where I never expected a stay of 5 months which completely ruined my all planning for registration of P.hd.

The whole year I had been just traveling…


“SHE”…a part of my life went back to her home town for another job after a pathetic struggle for job ….. …..I have been virtually transferred to Dubai office …..where I never intended to be…..Ravi …my roomy  went thru a hypertension  life with his soul mate and finally he got her and being lived happily…… Shiv/ Amol got married and getting way behind now…..Amit …this year has been a real  drama for him …..He recovered from his accident….got his leg fractured….his beloved parted away……Pravin got engaged….Neeraj my boss had a very bad year…met thrice accident in a year …a new life for him ….and so many……happening during the year……

Another year comes to an end and with it I have seen much life too. Things haven’t been smooth but come to think of it life is never fair. The objective is making the most of it.

At the end of every year, I have always felt a lot of insecurities in personal life. This year, my professional life joins the same league. The future look uncertain and predicting what could happen in the next year is certainly a mystery. But then it does not take much effort to get worried up. It’s not a great feeling to be totally unaware of your future life

With a brand new year comes hope of a good life.

I would like to wish all that the target which I have set … clear the entrance exam of P.hd and get thru it ……to have a permanent sit in Navi Mumbai office….to have dream home in the dream city …..

As for 2007, it’s a wrap!!!!



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