Yet another day in my life…some what I have experienced before… frustrated at the core. Its harsh when u expect too much from yourself and it hurts when u don’t succeed and the result is I tend to loose my sleep…perhaps its good for me.. I need to reevaluate my plans and my progress… Past few weeks have been a total waste of time and a testimony to my senseless existence. I wish I could control the happenings in my life.. !! I wish life twists and turns as I want it to … I wish I am happy with myself but alas none of it is true…
so what’s next…another set of plans and “to do” lists? This time its now or never…I need to get the things back on track… I need to recollect myself… It makes me feel happy though I know there is a gap between the way we think and the way we act.. !! Unless and until you bridge that gap your dreams, your hopes, your aspirations are nothing more than wishful thinking.. and it takes a lot to bridge that gap…I know one things for sure I must work hard, relentlessly because achieving the end may not be important… its the means that count… I have to achieve the means and have to detach my self with the end… !!!

“Law of detachment” ehh…


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