Something Good from Saudi

1. SUADI ARABIA FLAG : There are many of people they don’t know about the flag of Saudi Arabia or they don’t have idea about what is wrote on it. So the flag of Saudi Arabia was officially adopted in 1973. Saudi Arabia’s flag uses green color because this was the favorite color for Prophet Muhammad’s. The white, centered script, the shahada, is the Muslim Statement of Faith, “There is no God but God, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God”. The sword is represents King Abd-al-Aziz the one who established the kingdom in 1932.


2. JUBAIL CITY LOCATION : Jubail Industrial City is a city in the Eastern of Saudi Arabia. This is the city where I have been working since last 4 month. It has a population of approx 3 Mn. The industrial city is a complex of petrochemical plants. Jubail Industrial City is a Saudi Arabia design can tell the story of planning combined with the will to achieve the comprehensive and industrial development as seen today, regional and international.


3. PUMP STATION JUBAIL -1 : This is a Pumping Station located in Jubail Industrial city-1. Now Royal commission is expanding Jubail Industrial city -2. To quench the water needs of industrial zone-2, a new pumping station is being compiled. I have been working on the same project. The completion date is targeted as 31st March 2009.


4. HIGHWAYS IN JUBAIL CITY: KSA has big heritage of having huge roads and high speed driving. Jubail has a very modern road network built on international standards and integrates with national road Networks. Driving is a real fun here. You just need to tune in with the speed only. Once you have it, then go with 200Km/Hr, roads are yours only.


5. AL-FANATIR BEACH : Here you will get silent & pleasant blue sea surface. Sea is not violent as we see in Indian costal area. The only bottle neck is you can not greenery (beautiful faces) as we get on Worly-Mumbai sea face. In addition to this you can not take the snaps. Its better not use mobile cam. You may invite trouble to get fetch up your mobile if you catch by any police man.


6. BAHRAIN –SAUDI CAUSEWAY: This is another beautiful place to visit. This is the border between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. One of the most important projects is the Causeway which connects Saudi Arabia with Bahrain, has a multi-track, 25 m wide and extends for 26 Km.



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