100 Days….

Today I’ve been completed my 100 days in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Yesterday we (Rahul and I) were juggling over the thought of what I have achieved during those last 100 days.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t a difficult question to answer but we tried to put in some control loop as below. I wanted to know what is important to me and what is not. What kinds of work tasks or activities are attractive to me? I wanted to be clear about what I expect from a job.

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So here I go like this.

1. I was assigned a task to visit Saudi Arabia for Royal commission project and to take project documents approvals.

2. The Task is time variant system, so it need proper feedback so as output is maximum and stable.

Assuming Initial conditions are as follows,

Ø At Time T=0 (Day 1), task was interesting and dead time =0

Ø Allowances were fair enough for a month on site

The output of the Task will be define as follows

Output = a / (1- ά) …………….(1)

Where ά is a cumulative gain of feedback transfer function and adaptive system.

Now to get more output, ά should be positive and its value should be high enough to stabilize the system.

Now let’s define Transfer function.

A) Feedback Transfer Function

Output of feedback transfer function depends up the customer’s response prominently. As of now, I have not heard single a single appreciation word from customer. We have been continually getting fired and insistent firing some times spoiled our blood enough to vocalize our anger. This is at all not good in our favor.

  1. Living condition will never be conducive in Saudi Arabia. Foods, Environment are definitely prime factors of living conditions.
  2. Further, being a Time variant system, output of this feedback T/F getting decrease day by day.

B) Adaptive System

To maintain the negative impact of feedback T/F, adaptive system put into the system so as to compensate the loss. This function mainly governs by money provided to me in terms of allowances, personnel help from back end and offcource back end support in executing the task. The amplification factor should be high enough so as all errors (professional disputes among the team, confusion, delay) should be filtered out.

  1. My allowances pattern has been change now as the no. of days stay has been increased. And truly speaking it is not really attractive.
  2. Uncertainty of going back to India is becoming serious issue. Hence personnel help from back end is getting blurred.

Adding A and B, resultant gain is decreasing day by day. So the output of equation (1) would be leaning gradually.

Furthermore, Final product is performance. The output of equation is being filter continually by the factor the factor called as “Management”.

The Bandwidth of this filter is very fine and narrow. So ultimately if we want more response from the system, only one factor is left in the above system and that is “GAIN”.

Gain simply can be defined as it is a personnel state to pump own interest in to the job and produce as much as efforts to maintain the stable output. You’ll never get things done the way we intended. So be positive and keep trying..!!!

I do find myself angry, frustrated or jealous or mean but then I can get out of the negative feelings most of the time. The transition time from negative to positive has become smaller over these 100 days. Every human has some or the other negatives.

I do try not to write about my frustration, my defeats, my anger and my disappointments. Atlest not always! Every person evolves over a period. He experiences, he sees, and he learns from the experiences. Through all these experiences, the person changes gradually and slowly. It’s like Darwin theory; every species evolves to survive. Maybe I have also evolved over the years. These experiences may be preparing us to face something worst in life.

Over the last 100 days, I have learnt to look at life beyond work. For better or worse I will not judge, infact I can not judge.


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