Aisa bhi ek B’day

Jubail Site Office 27th Jan 2008 : 10 am

Today, I have completed almost a 10 days in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). So Far I didn’t get much time to brief out more about happening from my end.

Speaking about flight journey, it wasn’t good at all comparable to my previous trips to Kuwait. Flight got delayed 2 Hr at Mumbai Airport, didn’t get window seat, and as being a connected flight to Dammam from Bahrain, I literally had to rush over to catch flight at Bahrain due to delayed arrival.
I even couldn’t spent time to glance airport area.

Well, the person who was come to pick me up was seem frustrated as he might have been waiting for me since last 2 Hr. On the way I tried to get information of the Saudi, but he looked in hurry , driving a car at almost 150+ . After reaching in Dammam City, I was stunned with his question,

“where should I drop you sir….???”

“ Ohh…this means he don’t know where to drop me..??? Shit…”

“Who told you to pick me up…????” I asked in tense.

“Mr. Patwardhan asked me to take you to Dammam. Now I don’t know where to drop you?”
he looked confused.

At least it was good that he had cell phone with him. I asked him to have word with Mr.Patwardhan. After having clear words with Mr. Pattu, we could reach to our desire destination. ( this is his nick name ….Now adays we call him as a Pattu )

He dropped me at Vila no 47. I felt nice to see 2-3 Indian Faces. That Group belongs to L&T (ESE). After some time Ajit (My Project leader) and other 2 guys came to villa. Then Ajit introduced me with other guys. It made me bit relaxed with the thought of not being caught of loneliness. I had bad experience of loneliness in Kuwait.

We had quite fun on Thursday and Friday (Watched out few English movies, played out galli cricket) .

L&T (ESE) had hired 3 villa in that compound (MAS Compound) ( Villa No 46-48) and in Villa no 47 , they have appointed a cook (Mr.Moosa) .

I found it quite better accommodation.

But….But…Next Day Ajit revealed a real picture to me.

“Gosh, we do not stay here. This accommodation is not mean for us. It is for L&T (ESA) guys. They work for another project. Our Project Site is in Jubail Industrial Area which is 150Km from this place. We used to come here only on weekends. For entire week we stay in NEZMA compound, which is located near our project site.”……..!!!!!!

I didn’t know how to respond on this statement.

Next day (Saturday-19th Jan) , we went to our site . It was almost 60-70 min journey from MAS compound to Site. Moreover it was not safe at all. The cars run at almost 140+.

Well, Ajit acquainted some key personnel at site with whom he was in touch for project related activities. Most were Muslim guys.

Around 12.30, a guy came to us and handed over few parcels. It was lunch parcels for us.

Ajit told me, since last 40-45 days he has been taking same food for lunch and dinner, which includes rice and some sort of chicken. Looking at the rice and that spicy chicken piece, I was just stood inarticulate.

Somehow I have managed that day. And have been tuned now with this food.

Whole week was gone in stupid meetings. Our customer kept on firing us, pestering us for submittals.

So far Ajit was there with me, to handle major responsibilities, but on 25th morning he went back to India. I was alone again for which I was scaring.

A very common question I encountered, in those school/college scrapbook things was “what is the most unpleasant moment of your life?” So Far I never caught in such situation. But 26th Jan was really unpleasant for me. I was celebrating my 26th b’day alone. No Friends, no relatives. Slightest disappointment was dominating over me. But I managed to overcome this phase. Now I have learnt it

In the Evening I’d been lying down restlessly for quite sometime and my mind is full of thoughts of my previous b’days.

Out of 365 days, one day you always wish to be happy and I would say you deserve it…..hmm!!!
But In my case, I was pestering ….firing ….!! I was forcing up to see that stupid guy for discussion.

“ Hmmm…..Life is difficult…Nothing Comes Free….Aisa bhi Ek B’day Mana lete hain “

Note: This was a old draft, which I wrote 27th Jan 2008, exactly after 10 days arrival in Saudi.


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