Ab ke Sawan me Jee Dare

Since I have been in Saudi ,either I have been shivered by too much cold or been soaked by hot sun.
But “aaj mausam bada baimaan tha” it seems. Since Morning , cloudy atmosphere brought some sort of pleasant breeze. After long time, this morning I was feeling some sort of energetic .

As we started our daily journey to site office,rain drops greeted us. And very soon rain drops frequency increased and we needed to run our car wiper. Though I can not compare this sort of raining with first monsoon rain of Indian counter part. Of course, this sort of raining hasn’t a flavor of first ever monsoon rain but still it was good enough to invoke a sense of happiness in me.

To add some flavor to our happiness, RJ Malliaka played a rain song “Ab ke sawan me Jee Dare ” on FM radio which was being brodcasted from Bahrain. I could guess, The atmosphere was same around in gulf countries. RJ’s has more presence of mind, she knew the romantic sense of that moment.

Rahul with his funny comment ” Dude, I need either dear or beer in such romantic atmosphere”..!!

uhh…unfortunately we didn’t had either dear or beer with us.

We halted near petrol pump as usual and today instead of having a regular orange/mango juice , we had a hot coffee. I tell you, after reaching to office, we were wondered to see fresh and energetic faces of our other colleagues . Otherwise, everybody was so lazy and dizzy in the morning hour.

What a magic of a rain ..!!

We continued that momentum of happiness till the evening , had lunch in nice restaurant after long time.

Hmm….After a long time , I enjoyed a single day in this strange land.

I wish, I will enjoy first ever monsoon Rain in Mumbai, this year. I don’t wanna to expose my blood to Saudi summer in this June 08.


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