Strange Days in Starnge Land

Strange Days is Strange Land 31st March 08

It’s been 75 days today since I arrived in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It’s been a long time and I mean a very long time. It would definitely feel a little surreal when I will go back after a long time. I have been trying to adjust quite well here.

Past 2 and half month was a mixed bag of various experiences. Sometimes things had gone completely haywire and it was a big mess but I did survive, not happy but survived.

Now life becomes a daily routine for us. Morning 6 to Evening 6, same schedule …no change. The job, the city and the life is altogether a mix drama. When I came here, I was a little afraid, although I live by the principle of “Let’s see”, new city, new people and staying far away over such a long time was something I was not prepared for. When I came here, it was a life of uncertainties. Still I don’t not know where life is heading and how it is going to turn out.

It’s not for us to know when it will happen.

It will happen when it’s time.

And when it’s time you’ll know it

it will then be beautiful, perfect and filling.

All in all it was an experience to cherish. Below are some of the photos I took over the period. Some are good and some very bad.



Our Day starts with Camry. Mr. Bashir takes us from Mass Compound (Dammam) to Jubail site office. It’s almost an hour journey. We literally take a sugarcoated sleep in the car. Deepak can not control his “sound” I mean kharaate..!!!


FM 104.5 broadcast from Bahrain. It’s a closer essence of Mumbai Mirachi. In our morning journey, RJ Juhi twist our brain with her intellectual riddles which so far we could not figured out.

I am still wondering, why it trims lyrics of “Hare Ram Hare Krishna” of Bhool Bholaiya .


This is Dammam-Jubail highway. Vehicles run at 150Km/hour speed. If you miss Exit, then it’s so difficult to take U turn. So driving is obnoxious task in Saudi.

Paisa, Kaisa Kaisa Paisa..!!!!

Currency of Saudi Arabia: ( 1 Saudi Riyal ~ Rs 10 )paisa.jpg



Every Evening she comes and asks “hey, how was your day?”

Her looks were noble, fires of passion ignite

Her features were slender yet majestic than Knights

Her eyes so proud yet her heart polite


Her manners so gentle, provoked poets to write

Her smile was radiant, like the moon at night

Her steps were slow yet attractive in gait

Her glance was caring & my hopes were bright

Her character so simple yet profound to excite



we put our best efforts to get at least one fish to pose for snap.

Machali to nahi mili, bas snaps le liye…

We spent more than 3 hours, but couldn’t get a single fish.

At the end of the day, we purchased few fish from market and hooked up to the fishing net to pose for snaps.


Sooner or later this Site Construction will complete. I wish, I won’t be here to inaugurate this Building.

Who knows how many gallons of water will flow through this pumping station in future..


Sun-Set Resemblance


One is Sunset and other is Fire waves coming out of Industrial Chimney

Another day passes, another one begins

Life again unravels its most mysterious lessons

Another day passes another one begins

We lose something, to learn something




Hmm….Don’t get Confused. These are not the usual glass which we normally think of . These are “kava” some sort of summer juice. This is very famous in Saudi.


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