He had decided when he started the good morning mails that there would be absolutely no expectation from them. No expectation of replies, no anticipation of acknowledgements. But so strong is the human mind that it is pretty tough to have it under control. How it expects something in return for everything it does! The self dictates and the mind ignores. The self guides and the mind neglects. If it were not so, would Krishna himself have told Arjuna that beyond any doubt the mind is a tough thing to be reined. But he gave a solution too. He added, “Only by practice can this be achieved”. So, if he has to continue with his good morning mails without hurting himself, he has to practice to consciously ignore every thorn that the mind pricks the heart with, every expectation the mind builds, every “return of favor” that mind desires day after day. After all, don’t we have all the desires and contentment, all the sorrow and joy, all the pain and comfort in our own selves? It is for us to choose what we are going to experience.


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