A call from …..Whiskey

Few old memories of kuwait ………(Monday, 30/4/2007 )

I was spending my as usual boring evening in front of TV.

“HUM TUM”, I was watching this movie 4th time in my last 20 days stay.

“Sanso ko” song was playing and apparently this romantic environment

was disturbed by Chinese Ring tone…………!!
Wong’s mobile was ringing……I looked around for Wong ………..
“Mangesh, pick up the phone and ask to give a call after 5 minute…”

Wong requested me from bathroom.

I muted TV, and picked the phone …and then…..

Me : Hello,
Other End : Hello Wong, where are you?
Me : Sorry sir, this is Mangesh, I am his room mate, He is in bathroom,
Could you pl. give a call after 5 min?
Other End : Hello Listen, I am his friend, I am coming to your place within next
half an hour, I am on the way now, I am speaking from BAKALA,
and I may not able to give a call back. You pl. tell him, that I am
reaching there and I have got a surprise for him. Okay.
Me : sir, What’s your good name?
Other End : He knows me, Today Morning, I came from Dubai. He is aware about
me. Okay……bye, see you there….
Me : hello, listen sir…hello…….

And he disconnected the call. But from the tone, I could speculate

that the guy was neither a Chinese nor Indian. His voice was seemed like Arebic…tone.
Wong seemed confuse to hear that someone his friend coming to meet him and the guy
has come from Dubai. He was not able to recollect his memory and guess who was
coming….???I told Wong, “He was talking about some surprise he has got for you…,”
Surprise……, may be a gift….!!! Our logic…
I again hooked with “Sanso ko sanso se milane do jara” ……….!!!
After 20-25 min, Door bail interrupted the ambiance and

I looked around for Wong as Icould guess, his friend might be on the door.
As I opened the door, I received a wide smile by the person who was looking around 30+age and well dressed. I couldn’t predict his nationality then…….
He asked for Wong. Wong joined him and then their conversation started.

As I was alsoseated in the same hall keeping TV volume low,

I could hear their conversation. I was curious to know about him.

As the way he talked, I was more eager to know about that surprise.
Wong told me that he was an Egyptian guy and today only came from Dubai.

Now I didn’t take much interest to know why the hell, he went to Dubai.
Meantime, “HUM TUM” came to an end, and I preferred to be in the bedroom

with mypen drive MP3 player. I engrossed in “ABHAS HA”

(Marathi Song…Good song from Yanda kartyavya aahe).


“Mangesh, do you want Whiskey..?” Wong was at my bedroom door.

I didn’t hear it properly as head phone were on full volume.
“Yes….Wong…., you said something….what..?????”
“Do you want Whiskey..?” ….
“Did I hear whiskey ……?”
I was confused little bit, b’coz, I never understood what
Wong said at first stroke. I always ask him to repeat what he said.
“My Friend got Green label Whiskey from Dubai. Do you want to join us…?”
Now, it dawned to me about that surprise.
“Ohh……This is the surprise…” I looked at a Wong.
We cheered our glasses. I was thanking his friend “Mehmood”…

(Later on I came to know his name) for making this evening such fantastic.

You can imagine wine is note  easily available in Kuwait.
We were discussing something….on project….

Mangesh…Mangesh….” Wong was telling me something……but his voice was
apparently become blurred ………….

“ Mangesh, get up man,,,,we are already late for office…Its 7.10 now…..get ready within
5 min ”……………

“Ohh Shit…I was enjoying whiskey in my dream then …I’m getting late for office… …”
I looked for my mobile…. Its 7.13 pm now in my mobile and by mistake I set the time
format wrongly. My alarm was supposed to buzzer at 6.30 am.
Hmmmmm….I need to get up now….Shit….
Today we reached office around 8.20 am, ………. 20 min late.


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